Iridology is a powerful tool to add to any medical practice

Understand Thyself

“Iridology is a truth of life in the body. Once Iridology vocabulary and methods of analysis are learned and practiced, Iridology can be integrated to support any method of analysis, medicinal or alternative treatment, and to any condition, whether chronic or acute, because it gives valuable information about the unique individual.” Farida Sharan

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The Ultimate Aim of this clinic is to Achieve Wellness Care for All. Enhance your health and enrich your life through Love, Education and Natural Therapies. This clinic has experience and research as a Naturopathic Consultant in a range of services since 1972. Nutrition - Iridology - Homoeopathy - Herbal Medicine - Vega test Method - Hemaview - Bowen Therapy / Acupressure/ Cranial Sacral - Ear Candling

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