Weekly food diary from a vegan and gluten free perspective…

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To give people an idea of what I eat on a weekly basis, this is what I ate in the last week. I don’t know why so many people seem to think that a gluten free and vegan diet means I eat nothing but fruit and raw vegetables, but I get so many ignorant comments about my diet that I want to set the record straight. Yes, obviously I eat a lot of fruit, salad, and vegetables, but it’s not nearly as boring as some people seem to think it is. I still put dressing on my salad; I still put sauces on my veggies; I still put sweet things with my fruit; I still eat ice cream. And yes, amazingly, I even eat pizza…It’s not as simple as just being able to go grab whatever I like off a shelf at the grocery store, and it takes a little…

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