The power of oxygen against ageing

Scientists have turned back the clock with this fountain of youth

I recently read this article >here< which discusses a study on 35 elderly people over the age of 64 that spanned 3 months where the participants spent 90 minutes, 5 days a week, inside a pressurised environment breathing pure oxygen. It has proven to impact on senescent cells and extend telomere length; thus impacting on tissue and organ degeneration.

It is claimed that the experiment has the equivalence of winding back the clock 25 years on a cellular level. Which is the biggest result ever seen in studies around the science of life extension.

It’s similar to the treatment doctor’s use with oxygen-rich hypobaric chambers to promote healing after surgery.

It’s a very science and technology ridden study, but what it all boils down to is that the human cell has a life span, which is determined by the length of a telomere: a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at the end of a chromosome. This shortens through cell division over your life span until it can no longer perform its purpose and succumbs to cell death. Which is how we get old, organs fail, things no longer work as they used to. The above study increased the length of that telomere region, effectively giving participants a further 25 years on average from the short treatment for the lives of their cells. Which then translates to staving off age related biological degradation.

That is pretty ground breaking, and could prove to be a radically cheap and easy treatment to extend our health and lifespan. Maybe it’s time to invest in a hyperbaric chamber at home? Oh wait, you cannot legally put a real hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber into your home in some places around the world. In addition to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-99) regulations (in America) and the illegality of medical-grade oxygen purchase, it just would not be safe. So make sure you check the legalities, and the provider of the hypobaric chambers to ensure you are legally able to purchase and use this treatment at home. There does not seem to be the prohibiting regulations here in Australia – though you will have to follow guidelines for installation and use.

On further investigation on whether this type of treatment is accessible, there are a number of companies that offer hyperbaric chambers, even one place that sells portable hyperbaric chambers with certified inspections and warranties here in Australia. You’d be looking at anywhere around $12,000 (used) and $40,000 out of pocket expense to have the treatment at home. Alternatively there are a number of places, chiefly cosmetic surgeries and specialist beauty treatment places where you can access this type of service for around the cost of $250 per session, or $10,000 for 40 sessions. So to equal the study above (60 sessions) you’re looking at $15,000. Though I have seen places offer sessions as low as $200 and some charge much higher rates. So like anything it will pay to shop around and determine the level of safety and service. It looks like you could purchase your own machine close to the price of using one at a clinic. Which is still pretty high. But just think about it, if 2, 3, or 4 people joined together for the purpose of the service it would drastically reduce cost and put it in the realm of affordability for the average Australian. Something to think about. Especially when you are looking at prolonging onset of age related health complications for a further 25 years.

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2 thoughts on “The power of oxygen against ageing

  1. Great find on this report. Maybe they should start offering this treatment in Lifestyle villages and aged care homes to help improve the health of the infirm? I know I want to start looking into services now to help with my health and longevity.

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