Be Proud Of What You Are Doing…

A great exercise in being accountable for your goals! I applaud your efforts and encourage others to join in!

My weight loss fight

Today I created a group page on FaceBook it is called Weight Loss Journey.   I  have received several comments/emails saying they wished there were a  POSITIVE page that everyone could read/comment their: exercises, weight loss, diet, routines, ask questions, motivate and inspire each other.  So here it is!!  Please go to the page and add your story.. Share what you are doing that is working for you! Be proud of what you are doing! Every pound lost is a pound of FREEDOM gained! It is so important to unite as a group to help one another.  There is someone out there that needs to hear what you are doing to succeed, it could help them do the same.  If you are struggling and need some ideas of what you can change.. post it.. so maybe someone can give you a tip!  Working hard to change your life is nothing…

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